Wrapping up last week, moving forward this week

Mmmm... pictures of foods containing Vitamin A!

Our “I Love Veggies!” week went very well. The girls tried new vegetables with an open mind because they knew the vitamins in the foods were good for them. This is really all I wanted, so I consider the entire lesson a success. They learned that certain foods contain vitamins and that our bodies need vitamins in order to grow and be healthy.

Moving forward, I figured out how the girls can be helpful around the house. They’ve been picking up after themselves, helping to clean the kitchen, and assisting in making their own meals. I consider this to be another successful endeavor – we all win when they are helpful and contribute to the overall household work. It’s clear how I win – I don’t have to do it all. They win because they have a sense of accomplishment, something that is very important for girls at their age. Young girls like to feel as though they have something under their watch that depends on them. They like to be responsible for something special. I think it helps their overall frame of mind, their friendships, and their relationship with their parents when this need is filled. The girls also win because they get to put a star on a chart every time they do their work and at the end of the week they are rewarded with a small allowance. They’re saving for something special. ‘A’ is saving for doll accessories for her doll Rebecca. ‘H’ is saving for a Barbie dollhouse.

This week has found us (among many other things):

Touring the Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill (it’s full of wool in all different stages: bags of wool waiting to be washed, washed wool ready to be carded and then spun, skeins of yarn waiting to be reunited with their owners).

Visiting the Rexleigh covered bridge. This week is the first week (in my memory) that I drove over a covered bridge. The painted sign on the bridge says you’ll be fined if you drive faster than a walk. The wheels on the car made a hollow “clunk clunk” sound as we drove along. The bridge is gorgeous.



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  1. Richard G. Ryder June 6, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    Nice post – nice job Mom – great girls!

  2. Mama Jillian June 6, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    Thanks Dick!

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